Stephanie Sorensen is an actor and firefighter.


She became an inspiration for Fire Girl after having been the only female to place in the finals in a national campaign hosted by Firehouse Magazine and Kidd Fire Safety to bring awareness to the need for volunteer firefighters. It was during this contest, that her story made national news. Click here to learn more about her story. 

With the collaboration of a team of artists from Crushed Ego Studios, Stephanie has helped to create the first of its kind female firefighter superhero, FireGirl, who has the ability to manipulate fire to protect the things that are important to her.

A portion of FireGirl sales goes back into the cause Stephanie is most passionate about - education for Autism. Her goal is to continue to bring the FireGirl name into households and ignite a fire to help children on the autism spectrum have the best possible learning environment.

Stephanie has appeared in Firehouse Magazine, Glamour Magazine, First Responder News, on ABC News, WTSP News, the Morning Blend Talk Show. She has also been interviewed by Radio Talk Show Host Drew Garabo and Podcast Behind the Shield. 



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